Sleep: A Quick Guide for Healthcare Professionals

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An indispensable A5 booklet crafted for healthcare practitioners, with a particular emphasis on its applicability to dental professionals. Fearlessly initiate conversations about sleep with your patients using this compact resource, applicable across various healthcare disciplines. The booklet offers a user-friendly navigation through discussions on sleep, covering common sleep breathing disorders, delineating normal sleep patterns, and demystifying the terminology encountered in sleep tests. Its convenient size ensures easy access, fitting seamlessly into clinic drawers to support healthcare professionals during consultations and enhance their expertise in addressing sleep-related concerns.


  • Patient Symptom Checker 🤔
  • Sleep Hygiene Tips 💤
  • Dental Patient Journey 🦷
  • Ordering a Sleep Test in Australia 📋
  • Common Terminology 📚
  • Sleep Stages 🌙
  • FAQs ❓
  • SleepWell AU/NZ Resources 🌐

**Please note: This guide is to help with the management of Adult sleep breathing disorder patients. Paediatric guidelines differ**


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